Event options

Some event options have moved to a new "advanced" tab.

You will now be able to set the following features up on the new pop up.

  • Camera countdown 

  • Disclaimer text for sharing 

  • Require Disclaimer confirmation

  • Start activity button text

  • Start camera button text

  • Camera Auto start

Camera countdown

This will be the countdown before the photo is taken.


 Input a disclaimer that will display to users before sharing.

Require Disclaimer Confirmation

If you toggle this on it will display a full screen disclaimer that the guest will have to explicitly agree to in order to continue with sharing, printing etc.

Start activity button text

This text will change the "Tap to start" text if you have a single experience on the iPad

Start camera button text

This text will change the "Tap to start" text of the button on screen that is used when starting the camera if "Camera Auto Start" is toggled off. 

Camera Auto Start

Turning this on will start the camera countdown without the need to tap the screen. It will automatically start capturing after the specified countdown.

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