Due to changes made by Facebook we are no longer able to share to Facebook from the iPad App.

We have done an analysis on our share statistics and found that only 0.3% of shares were done from the app to Facebook. As you can see Facebook sharing from the app is not popular. As we suspected this is due to the time it takes to log in, internet connection and guests forgetting login details ultimately causing unnecessary congestion at the photo booth. 

Also, upon further investigation we discovered most users don't enable Facebook through the app and rather enable and allow sharing to be done via the microsite which has proven to be far more effective. 

Microsites also allow you to monitor views of all photos/GIFs/bursts, as well as capture additional data via google analytics and Facebook pixels.

*Further to this analysis we found Twitter sharing from the iPad app was only 0,09% so we have opted to remove this from the app and only allow sharing to Twitter from the microsite.

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