The Snappic app will request that iOS keeps the app open, and the device from going to sleep, while running your events. Certain versions of iOS 11 and 12 exhibit an undesirable bug that can cause your iPad to go to sleep after a while, regardless of the app asking the OS to prevent this, and even when setting it to never sleep in the settings app. Our users have reported the amount of time before the device sleeps anywhere between 20 minutes and 1 hour. In some versions of iOS, the app is also closed when the device sleeps, making the issue even worse, because then someone needs to restart the app, and then also start the right event.

This bug affects all apps, not just Snappic. It has been reported to Apple by many people and organizations, and they have responded to some of them saying that they are working on the issue. The more people that report this, the more pressure it puts on Apple to fix it, so if this affects you, please report this to Apple.

In the meantime, you can use Single App Mode to lock the device in to Snappic. This will lock the iPad into Snappic, similar to using guided access. You won't be able to close the app until the mode is disabled, even if you restart the iPad, and it will prevent the iPad from going to sleep. It's even better than using guided access, because it doesn't show the "Triple click the home button to disable guided access" prompt every time someone clicks the home button, and it will also go straight back in to the Snappic app if the device loses power and then restarts.

Single App Mode requires the device to be in a mode that Apple calls Supervised. Putting your iPad into this mode will erase the device, so be sure all your photos for all events are uploaded first! There are 2 methods of using Single App Mode, each with their own drawbacks:

Option 1: Easiest, but least flexible

This option uses the Apple Configurator 2 app to enable Supervised mode. This requires you to use a Mac computer with the configurator app to enable or disable Single App Mode. This makes it difficult to change the Wi-Fi network, or perform other tasks outside of Snappic on the iPad while at an event, especially if you are not physically at the event.

To use Apple Configurator 2 to put the app into Supervised mode, and then into Single App Mode, you can follow this guide.


  • Easier to set up initially

  • Free


  • More difficult to manage at events

Option 2: More Difficult, but also more flexible

This option requires a new version of the app, which should be released in the next week or two.

This option uses a related but slightly different mode, called Autonomous Single App Mode. This mode allows Snappic to automatically enter Single App Mode when you start an event, and exit Single App Mode when you end the event by typing in your admin passcode on the iPad. This makes it much easier to adjust any settings on the device, such as the Wi-Fi connection, or perform other tasks outside of Snappic.

To set this up, you must be running the latest version of Snappic (at least version 1.13), and you will also need a 3rd party MDM solution. Most (if not all) of these are not free, but are not too expensive, at around $2-$3 per device per month. You will need to add the Snappic bundle identifier, com.mushroomcloud.Snappic, * to the list of apps that are allowed to use Autonomous Single App Mode. This process is different for each MDM solution, and you will need to find a guide for the specific MDM solution you use, or contact their customer support.

*Contact us for the grey label app bundle identifier.

When evaluating an MDM solution, make sure they support Autonomous Single App Mode. We have tested SimpleMDM, which worked well in our tests.


  • Much easier to manage devices running at events


  • A little bit more difficult to set up initially

  • Not free

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