Custom surveys allows you to completely create your own survey that is displayed to each guest once they have taken their photo (GIF, burst, video).

Our survey builder allows you to setup a fully custom survey with simple fields such as text fields, number or email fields and then the option to add more advanced fields such as ratings, check boxes and drop downs.
Click here to view a video on how to setup your custom survey. 

AVA (Advanced Vision Analytics)

Our advanced vision analytics (AVA) uses a facial recognition neural network to extract additional analytics from all images that are uploaded.
We can determine how many of the guests at the event are male vs female and also give you approximate age ranges.
It will also tell you the total number of faces detected at the event, as well as, the average number of faces detected per photo.
Click here to view the article to show you how to setup AVA.

Event Analytics

All enterprise events gather certain analytics about the event such as share status (delivered or failed to deliver), share distribution (including Reach and Impressions) and photo views.

Guest Data

Guest data is the actual share data captured from every enterprise event. The share data includes all email addresses, phone numbers and Twitter handles that the guests input on the iPad (and on the microsite) when they share their sessions (photos, Gifs, bursts and videos).
Click here to view how to download the share data from an event.

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