With Snappic, you can add different filters to your event.

Step 1 - Head over to the "Filters" section on your event (if you can't see the "Filter" section on your event just make sure you have toggled it on under "Event Options".

Step 2 - There are two options under filters "Preset filters" and "Guest filters"

  • Preset filters - These are ones you can add to a photo that automatically get placed on every photo without the guest choosing. So click the "Select" button to choose your "Preset filter" - beautify is always a popular choice. 

  • Guest filters - These are filters the guest will be able to choose and add to their photo themselves. So don't be shy to add a few for them to choose from.

Even if you allow your guest to choose filters under "Guest filters", those chosen filters will still be applied with the "Preset filter".  An example, if you add a "Guest filter" such as sepia, and already have a "Preset Filter" such as Black and White then the guest's photo will have a black and white with the sepia filtered look.

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