The "Snappic Print Server" allows you to print both 6x4/4x6 and strip print outs at the same event. So you can either configure only 1 option( 6x4/4x6 or strips) or you can configure both options depending on your event. 

Step 1 -  Firstly, open the "Snappic Mac Print Server" app,
For standard 6x4/4x6 print outs: click on the “Configure” button next to “Standard Config:”
For strip print outs: click on the "Configure" button next to "Strip Config:"

Step 2 - Now make sure that it says “Photobooth Print Server” underneath the "Printer" and "Presets" drop-downs (for both standard and strip printing): 

Step 3 - Click on the "Photobooth Print Server" drop-down.
Under the "Paper Size" drop-down:
For standard 6x4/4x6 print outs: choose the 6x4/4x6 option
For strip print outs: choose the 2x6/4x6x2 option
You might also need to select your 2x6/4x6x2 under the page handling option then select save.

Step 4 - If you need to you can then adjust the margins on the print server. This is only needed if you would like to adjust the placement of the print out on the paper, in case it is too close to one of the edges. 

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