With the new iOS 13 update for iPhone, your guests will now be able to download and save the mp4 file straight from the browser on their phones.
This will allow you to take full advantage of the microsite for analytics and branding, while your guests still get a smooth sharing experience.

Once your guest receives their text message or email, they just need to click on the link to the photo.

If you have a microsite enabled then your guest can just use the download button on the microsite to download their mp4 file (see below). 

If you do not have a microsite enabled then your guest can just click the link in the text or email and then click on their GIF, burst or video and a pop up will appear asking if they want to download the file.

Now android and iPhone users/guests will be able to easily download and save their GIFs, bursts and videos as soon as they receive them via text and email.

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