This powerful new feature is very easy to set up and use, just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Enable Green Screen

Enable the greenscreen option on your event, this can be found under the "Event Options" section. You will then get the prompt 'You will be redirected to the Green Screen setup page, all other changes on this page will be lost. Do you want to continue?' You can just click "Ok" to continue to the green screen settings.

Step 2: Upload Backgrounds

Next, you can upload the images you would like to use as the background (still only- "image background") and save the changes. You can upload multiple images if you would like the guest to have a variety to choose from.

Step 3: Top Up BG Removal Credits

Now that you have set up the green screen section, you can proceed to the "Accounts" tab and purchase "BG Removal Credits".

Now you are ready to start testing the background removal on your virtual booth event!

Please note, each background removal costs 1 credit so if you have a 1 photo template then it will cost 1 BG removal credit and if you have a 3 photo GIF it will cost 3 BG removal credits.

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