Trying to print but running into issues? Have a look at our troubleshooting list below to ensure that you have gone through the necessary checks to get your printer up and running.

Cannot find the printer on the Snappic App or Snappic Print Server:

  • Make sure your printer has been set up, connected and the driver installed. If you are unsure of how to set up your printer and install the driver. Most printer drivers can be found on their website (e.g If you are having trouble finding your driver then contact your print manufacturer via their website for assistance.

  • Check your firewall and ensure it is disabled & if you don't know how to find your firewall (Just do a search by typing 'firewall' on a Windows PC) Do note that Windows OS has 3 firewalls and all 3 need to be disabled.

  • If you can find the printer on the print server and you can print a test page without using the snappic app, but cannot print when using snappic then it is possible that your connection is not good enough. Testing with a mobile hotspot is a great way to test different network connections as interference can cause a problem

  • Double-check your printer connections to the PC via USB, sometimes changing the USB slot may help.

  • Disable your anti-virus firewall.

Trying printing from the iPad when pressing the print button but nothing happens:

  • Your printer might show as offline, try to unplug & restart the printer, then try a test print from your computer without using snappic. (The printer queue will have the 'Offline' text below or next to the printer name) If you see this then you need to reconnect the printer or uncheck the offline toggle

  • Have a look at the print server to confirm the printer selected is the correct one, sometimes a printer can create a 'Copy', and therefore you will need to test your printers once again to ensure the correct copy is selected on your print server. If you see multiple printer options (for example DNP rx1 copy - DNP rx1 copy 2) Then try each copy to see which one works, or you can delete the copy printers from your printer management system on the Operating system (Windows or MAC).

  • A restart is one possible solution but this will only work if there are no other underlying issues.

  • Check your Firewall as it might have been reactivated (If you use an anti-virus ensure the firewall within the anti-virus has been disabled until 'restart'.

  • When using the link above, scroll all the way down to the end of the guide for the print server setup steps.

  • Restart then try print again if all else fails.

  • If you are using a Mitsubishi Printer and you cannot seem to get the 2 inch cut then please do ensure your Page attributes & Paper handling are both set to the 5x15x2 type 1 option in order to cut (In some cases, Type 2 can also work)

  • If your print session is working but seems like the orientation is 'off' then, you can start by having a look at the 'Transpose Orientation' option on the snappic print server, which has been checked or unchecked on your event. Do a test with both options as some printers need it selected while others will need it to be unchecked.

  • If the transpose orientation option does not work, then you can also try to change your print from 4x6 to 6x4 for example, as this will also flip the image.

  • This issue might stem directly from your printer, check the printer ribbons or your color cartridges ( depending on your printer ) as there might be an issue with their placement within the printer. You might also need new ones if all else fails. The best test for this would be to print from your PC without using snappic to see if the result is the same.

Wireless printing issues

  • If you can find the printer and connect it on the print server and the iPad but still don't get any prints, then its possible that your wifi network might have interference. Try using a mobile phone as a hotspot or alternative connection to test.

  • Never use venue wifi, if you have no wifi dongle then use a mobile phone as a hotspot.

  • Keep a backup USB cable & lightning cable just in case you need to do

  • Do note that you can print after your event when you are able to get hold of a wifi connection.

4x6 Cut in half

  • When a 4x6 cuts in half it generally means the 2-inch cut has been enabled. You can access the print server and change the configuration so that you disable the 2-inch cut. On the windows print server, this will be found within the printer page selection after clicking on 'advanced' and the Mac print server will have this option once

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