Snappic has just added the AI Background Removal functionality to the Snappic Application for the iPad, here are steps on how to enable this feature and use it on your next event!

Please note: this is only available from app version 1.18 so make sure you update your app. Also, make sure that you have BG removal credits and a strong/reliable internet connection.

Step 1: Enable Green Screen

First, enable "Green screen" under the "Features" section on your event.

Step 2: Adjust your Green Screen Settings

Under the "Green screen" section you will now be able to choose between "Chromakey" or "AI (Requires an active internet connection)".

  • Chromakey: You will need a physical green screen backdrop.

  • AI (Requires an active internet connection.): This will allow you to use the AI BG removal which does not require a physical backdrop.

For purposes of this article, you can now select "AI (Requires an active internet connection) from the dropdown next to "BG Removal Type".

Once you select AI then you will see another 3 settings pop-up.

  • Allow Retry on Failure: Enabling this setting will allow your guests to have the option to retry their BG removal if it does fail (BG removal could fail if there are connection issues).

  • Allow Skipping Process on Failure: Enabling this setting will allow your guests to have the option to skip the BG removal process if it fails.

  • AI Upload Requires Approval: Enabling this setting will allow the guest the option to approve their image before proceeding.

Once you are happy with your settings then you can upload your green screen background images/animations and click "Save changes".

Limiting which templates use AI on the app:

If you do not want to waste BG removal credits on burst templates or you would like to limit AI background removal to only still templates then you can do this by going to the specific template, clicking on the "GS" button and then, ticking "Disable AI Removal".

Now if a guest specifically chooses that template, then the background will not be replaced.

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