If you have enabled the "QR Interaction" feature on your event then there is a good chance you do not want your guests to have the option to be able to touch the iPad screen and bypass the whole contactless component.

With the latest Snappic update, version 1.18, you can now toggle off the experience buttons on the iPad app. Your guests will be forced to use the QR code and their phone to choose their experience and they won't be tempted to touch the iPad screen to start their photo booth experience. Therefore, ensuring that your photo booth offers a truly touchless experience.

Step 1: Enable QR interaction.

Simply enable "QR Interaction" from within the "Event Options" section.

Step 2: Enable "Hide iPad Experience Buttons".

Now, go to the "QR Interaction" section, and tick the option to "Hide iPad Experience Buttons".

Now when you start the event on the iPad you will not see any experience buttons on the start screen.

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