You can offer an additional method of sharing at your event by enabling AirDrop.

Go to the "Event Options" section on your event and select "AirDrop".

Now when your guests are done posing for their photo or dancing for their video, they can choose to share their session via AirDrop straight from the iPad or iPhone.

Please note

iOS doesn't allow apps to only share via AirDrop, the way it works is the app tells iOS to show a general sharing sheet, and that sheet will have a list of all the sharing options supported on their device. Among other options, this list includes sharing via AirDrop, sending an email (if you have mail set up), sending an iMessage/text (if supported), etc.

We called it AirDrop because this is the feature that most people will be using it for.

Unfortunately, if guests choose to share via AirDrop, no analytics or data will be captured for that guest.

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